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[CLOSE]What Is a Dough Sheeter / Pastry Sheeter?

A Dough Sheeter is an industrial machine that produces a sheet of dough, fondant etc. Dough / Pastry Sheeters are used in commercial kitchens to prepare pieces of dough or pastry to a desired thickness. Dough Sheeters are used extensively in the cooking industry as the resulting sheets are smooth, even and finished quickly, often in no longer than a few minutes. The high commercial standards required for top end products are only possible with Dough Sheeters. This is why most businesses in the industry choose to use them.

How Does a Dough Sheeter Work?

Dough Sheeters or Pastry Sheeters roll and cut the dough to specific measurements set by the operator. Dough or Pastry is feed through the turning rollers and turned into even sheets until the desired thickness is reached.

Who uses Dough / Pastry Sheeters?

Sheeters have been used in the cooking industry for a long time and the latest machines can easily press and flatten any kind of dough. Sheeters are used to make pizza crusts, all sorts of flatbreads, to make pie crusts and pastry dough but most importantly in the baking industry. Sheeters are very handy when working on fondant (very smooth icing) it is important that the material is rolled out precisely as any imperfections will show unforgivably. Sheeters are able to produce smooth and thin pieces of fondant in a matter of minutes.

Specifications and Prices.

Dough Sheeters come in various sizes. There are large industrial models that are used in commercial bakeries. Commercial-grade sheeters can cost thousands of dollars, and the larger the machine, the greater the price.

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Bench Model Sheeter
Product Code: 520T
Floor Model Pastry Sheeter
Product Code: 650F
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