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Bread Slicers belong amongst the variety of kitchen tools designed for one specific use. They purely slice or divide loaves of bread evenly, cleanly and quickly. The slices of bread are uniform and all done in a very efficient way to reduce any wastage.

The baking industry has used Bread Slicers extensively since 1928. The Automatic Bread Slicer was first introduced to the public by Otto Frederick Rohwedder from Davenport, Iowa, USA. It was a rather revolutionary machine that change the way the baking industry worked. Bread Slicers would allow bakeries to sell pre-sliced bread to the public.

Commercially pre-sliced bread ends up being cut in even, almost identical slices. The size of the slice of bread was set to encouraged people to eat more slices at any one time. The result would increase the quantity of bread sold and hence expand the Baking industry.

Types of Bread Slicers

There are two types of Bread Slicers, manual and automatic. The manual Bread Slicers are mostly use at home for individuals, the automatic more sophisticated Bread Slicers are use in baking industry commercially.

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We stock Automatic Band Slicer, Bench Model Bread Slicer, MHS Compact Bread Slicer with 4-24mm slice range and MHS Basic Bread Slicer. Check out the specifications of our product to better decide which Bread Slicers is the best for you.

Please enquire about any Bread Slicer by completing the form on the products pages. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information requested.

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Automatic Band Slicer
Model: ABS3000
Bench Model Bread Slicer
Product Code: CC44B
MHS Compact Bread Slicer, 4-24mm slice range
Product Code: MHS Compact
MHS Basic Bread Slicer
Product Code: MHS Basic
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