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This general information is to assist you to maintain your I.B.E. equipment in good working order with the intention of reducing the possible occurrences of the need for technical repair.

Our foremost recommendation is that the manufacturers guidelines for maintenance in the Operators Manual supplied with your machine is always followed to the letter. If you are ever unsure, contact the supplier or service agent for maintenance or repairs to be carried out.

We recommend you keep yourself and your staff informed of the Workplace Health & Safety Rules and Health Department Rules.

General Tips

  1. Always disconnect the power source before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.
  2. Set daily schedules for cleaning/wipe down with a damp cloth of external surfaces. Do not use a hose/pressure hose with water or have water dripping from the cleaning cloth.
  3. Regularly check that leads, electrical connections and control panels, if fitted, are free and show no visible signs of damage or wear.
  4. All machines fitted with wheels/castors are cleaned under and the wheels/castors move freely.

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Planetary Mixers

TM20B, TF20B, TM40B, TF40B, TM60B, TM90B
  1. Never tap the whisk against the bowl to clear excess mixture.  This will weaken and break the wires.
  2. Lubricate safety guard and bowl carriage slides regularly using white oil or vaseline.  Do not use bakers oil, vegetable oil, etc.

Spiral Mixers

KL100, KL125P, KL200E, KL201E, KL202E
  1. When reattaching the feet and screws after cleaning, screw into position then use two hands to tighten to ensure equal pressure.  Otherwise, the mixer will be uneven and wobble during operation.
  2. Ensure the bolts holding the kneading bar in the mixing bowl are tight at all times.
  3. Never rest tools on top of the mixer during operation.  Any tool can fall in and prevent the mixing action which could cause damage.





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